Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mohammad Hossein Adeli

Born:1953 in Ahvaz (Iran)
Course attended in Jamia: Ph.D. in Economics
  • Dr. Adeli is an economist as well as a diplomat and academic.
  • Dr. Adeli is the founder, Chairman and CEO of the RAVAND Institute for Economic and International Studies. RAVAND is the first Iranian, independent, non –government and private Think Tank; engaged in policy oriented researches, Strategic advising, and organizing special gatherings and forums. Ravand is committed to the promotion of understanding and partnership among different actors such as officials, entrepreneurs, civil society and media at domestic, regional and international levels.
  • He served as the Governor of Central Bank of Iran from 1989-1994 for a full five year term, where he is credited for having spearheaded major reforms in Iran’s financial sector. 
  • Dr. Adeli served as Advisor to the President of the Republic for International Affairs.
  •  Dr Adeli also served as advisor to Iran’s Minister of Oil from 1984 to 1985, during which time he represented Iran in various OPEC meetings. 
  • He later served as Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Affairs from 1999 to 2004. He also served as Iran’s Ambassador to Japan, Canada, and the United Kingdom until 2005 when he voluntarily retired from the Government. Among his other accomplishments, Dr Adeli served as chairman of the coordinating council for foreign economic relations, coordinator of economic assistance to Afghanistan and Iraq. 
  • He has taught at various universities and has published seven books and numerous journal articles. He is a regular commentator in various dailies. He is a regular speaker at international forums & conferences on international, global & economic subjects. 
  • Dr. Adeli is the recipient of several awards from Regional and International Foundations.

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